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  • Travalo is a stylish and premium fragrance atomizer that you can bring and use daily easily for various occasions. 

    Travalo refills in seconds from any standard fragrance bottle using our patented Genie-S refill technology, there is no degradation or exposure to air. It comes with a supreme HD spray head, every spray covers a wider and even area. Our products are also glass-free and are aircraft approved for hand baggage, making it convenient for our customers to carry it every day or for travel. 


    How to clean your Travalo atomizer:

    1. Obtain a small travel spray bottle with the similar nozzle.
    2. Fill the spray bottle with alcohol.
    3. Fill the Travalo atomizer with alcohol by pumping it, similar to how you would pump a perfume bottle.
    4. Shape it up and spray all out till empty.
    5. Let the inner bottle air dry for a day or two.

    If you own several fragrances, we recommend using each Travalo cartridge for just one fragrance and not for several.