Triple treat
Each of these sets comes with one case and three interchangeable Travalo Engines. Fill the Engines up with three different fragrances to easily alternate the scent in the case for various occasions using the U-change system.

Just pump to fill!
Like all Travalo, the CLASSIC HD refills in seconds directly from any standard perfume bottle. The innovative Genie-S ‘pump to fill’ refill system transfers your fragrance perfectly without damaging exposure to air or spilling a drop.

The perfect spray, every time
The expertly designed High Definition spray head atomizes your fragrance into a fine mist with each press, delivering the perfect application every time. We believe there’s no better spray head on the market – in fact, it’s so good that you may never use your original bottle to apply your fragrance again!

Keep track so you never run out
The level-indicator window lets you see at a glance how much fragrance is left inside your Travalo, giving you the chance to refill long before you run out.

Fully compatible with the travalo u-change system
With the Travalo U-change system, it’s easy to remove the refillable inner perfume vial and replace it with another to change your fragrance in an instant. There’s no need to clean the vial or run it empty – just refill it or change it for a different fragrance vial and you’re ready to go!

Glass-free & aircraft-approved
Crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum and totally glass-free, the Milano is stylish, sturdy and aircraft-approved for carry-on baggage.